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December 18, 2009

Don't Bet Against Richt When He's Bowling

Despite this season being a disappointment, a Georgia team who gives up a lot of points facing an A&M squad who scores a ton, a graduate assistant coaching our secondary, a question whether the Bulldogs will be motivated to play in Shreveport, and most alarming, an 8-16-1 record against the spread the last two seasons, never bet against Mark Richt's Bulldogs in a bowl game.

Richt makes my list as a coach not to wager against during bowl season:

Five bowl coaches you don't want to bet against

One of the golden rules of wagering bowl games is to consider the bowl histories of the head coaches. Some coaches regard a bowl and its preceding practices as a way to prepare for the following season while others put more emphasis into bowl preparation and have their teams more motivated than any other time during the year.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE.

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