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December 30, 2009

Bulldogs End Season A Different Team

Against A&M quarterback Johnson and the rest of the Aggies, the Bulldogs cut down on their miscues and finally caught a few breaks.  (Photo--AP)

I was recently asked by PhilSteele.com to be their Georgia Bulldogs blogger.  The Cleveland, OH, area, where Steele and his Northcoast Sports office is located, was pounded with snow, so my recent blog entry reviewing the Independence Bowl that I wrote yesterday was just posted on their site.  My review of the Bulldogs' bowl win:

All season long, Georgia was a team plagued by errors and mistakes, namely turnovers and penalties, and some misfortune. However, in their final game of the season against Texas A&M in the Independence Bowl, the Bulldogs, not their opponent, played nearly flawlessly and were the team to catch the breaks.  READ ENTIRE ENTRY.

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