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January 31, 2018

An Entertaining, Yet Exaggerated Beginning

As the story goes, Georgia's 50-0 win over Mercer on this date 126 years ago should have been by a 60-0 score—yet, on second thought...

January 30—it’s a date synonymous with football at the University of Georgia, featuring a historic beginning recognized by many Bulldog enthusiasts. 

A good portion of you are well aware of the event: Exactly 126 years ago today, 1,500 spectators gathered on the UGA campus at Alumni Athletic Field—later renamed “Herty Field” in honor of Georgia football's founding father, Charles Herty—to witness the first intercollegiate football game in the Deep South, pitting Mercer against host Georgia. 

Assigning its “strong specimens” to start the contest, the Red and Black’s initial lineup averaged 156 pounds and 5-foot-10 in height per man. “Man’s best friend” was nowhere in sight. Instead... CONTINUE READING...