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May 1, 2015

A Bulldog Break

I'm taking a break from blogging—a short hiatus from this site as I continue to tackle what has turned into two full-time jobs.

I'm not complaining, writing magazine articles, covering the Bulldogs, and working on two book projects—all college football relatedis a good deal. However, it literally has me dreaming at night about deadline dates, which isn't.

Not that I've been blogging that much recently anyway but, for what it's worth, it'll be even less, like not at all, for the next three or four weeks. In the meantime, I still will continue to routinely post at my UGA Football FB page. Also, checkout DAWGTIME from time to time as we add content and further develop the site.

So, as Loran Smith would say, Charles, you're from South Georgia. You like boiled peanuts, don't you? 

Um, I mean, the other thing he's acclaimed for saying: Until next time, c'est la!