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October 2, 2013

Listen to the Stadium!

Dooley gets a victory ride following one
of the greatest afternoons, and before the
wildest night, in the history of Athens.
Fresh off one of the most thrilling games in the history of Sanford Stadium this past Saturday, I wanted to pay tribute to a Georgia home victory that ranks right up there with the win over LSU, if not actually surpassing it in excitement -- the memorable 21-0 shutout over Alabama, resulting 37 years ago on this very date.
Recently, the same friend who was kind enough to give me UGA's radio broadcast of the 1975 Florida game handed me a recording of the fourth quarter of the Bulldogs' win over Alabama a year later.  And, similarly to what I did with the Florida broadcast, I've arranged Larry Munson's call against 'Bama with 14 photos taken from the game.
For you Munson admirers, it's a thrill to hear that familiar, booming voice holler, "Listen to the stadium!" and ironically ask, "After all that wild noise last night, how can [Georgia fans] possibly match that tonight?"
In my latest book on UGA football, then-wide receiver Steve Davis said, "But what some people, including maybe even some players, most recall from the '76 Alabama game was the partying that ensued afterwards."  You see on that day, the Junkyard Dogs were responsible for one of the most thrilling moments on a Georgia gridiron, and later caused its surrounding city to experience excitement like it never had before, or since.
Here's to October 2, 1976 -- not only did one of the greatest wins ever in Sanford Stadium occur that afternoon, but what has been called the "biggest party" and "wildest night" in the history of Athens, Georgia, would transpire just hours later.

Having trouble viewing video?  SEE IT HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hogbody Spradlin: Bama didn't get a first down the entire 2nd half. I was one of those fools who stood in the middle of Milledge Ave. in front of the Theta Chi house, daring cars to hit me Saturday night. What a glorious day.

Amanda said...

Nice broadcast to gives a results.. Checkout Amanda

George King said...

Thanks for this...love to hear Larry when it's more than just a one-play highlight. He was the best.