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October 11, 2013

Happy 52nd Birthday Steve Young!

Kevin Butler "did it" with a 44-yard field goal vs. 
BYU in '82, but it was a defense, which intercepted
Steve Young six times, that ultimately saved the day.
Happy Birthday to the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback... 
Having similar circumstances to tomorrow, 31 years ago an undefeated, nationally-ranked (but barely), seven to eight-point underdog team out West ventured into Sanford Stadium for the first time in its history, led by a scrambling quarterback, directing a high-powered offense.
Steve Young and BYU led Georgia 14-7 in the fourth quarter before the Bulldogs tied the game on a Herschel Walker touchdown shortly after converting a controversial fourth-down play.  The Bulldogs would get the ball back and, with just over a minute remaining, won the game 17-14 on a field goal by Kevin Butler.

Young averaged just 5.1 yards per play, was sacked three times and intercepted on six occasions.  Butler may have won the game with his kick, but hoping to have similar circumstances to tomorrow, the defense ultimately led Georgia to a big Bulldog victory, making life difficult for a visiting quarterback along the way.

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Anonymous said...

was at that game...miserable weather-rained the whole time. Dawgs lucky to win only 4.5 days after beating Clemson on labor day night. - Ty