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October 15, 2012

"Game of My Life"

We'd appreciate any assistance...  A couple weeks ago, I was asked by Skyhorse Publishing of New York City to author a book on UGA football Game of My Life: Georgia Bulldogs.  You may have seen similar versions in bookstores: Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, there's even a Game of My Life: Minnesota [Gophers football].  So, it's about time someone put together a version on our beloved Bulldogs.
Anyway, when asked to write the book, I had a small request for the publisher: instead of someone writing it, could more than one do so?   
For those of you who read this blog from time to time, you're perhaps aware of my occasional mention of my father, "Old Dawg."  My dad is an inspiration, my best friend, and the primary reason for my passion and enthusiasm for the UGA football program and its history.
Now, Old Dawg might be, well... old, but he is still my chief editor and proofreader and remains as sharp as when he served the University of Georgia and three other schools for 50 combined years as a sociology professor.  Therefore, if I was to ever co-author a book, it's been a desire of mine for some time to write one with my dad. 
Late last week, this desire became a reality, and come July-August 2013, yours truly and A.P. Garbin, Sr. will be releasing the aforementioned title.  The book will feature approximately 30-35 ex-Bulldog standouts with each player describing in his own words the "game of his life" while at Georgia.  My father and I will be conducting all of the interviews with the first already scheduled for this week.
In writing the last couple of my five books, I discovered that I was beginning to repeat myself to some degree, mentioning the same all-time great players, moments, plays, performances, and games in Bulldog history.  So, with Game of My Life, we plan to take a little different approach.  Sure, our book will contain features and interviews on the usual suspects a number of living UGA football legends  that seemingly always grace the pages of the typical book on the Bulldogs.  However, we plan on including quite a few players from yesteryear who were certainly standouts while at UGA, but today aren't necessarily household names.
A year ago, when I began my book project on the Georgia-Florida series, I posted here asking for your assistance, and got it in a huge way.  I received dozens of emails with anti-Gator stories and jokes; I still cannot get over the response and support I got. 
Therefore, for this book, I'm asking for your help as well.  If you know of an ex-Georgia "standout" player, or better yet, just so happen to be one, who can recall a game of their life and wouldn't mind sharing the memories, I'd really like to hear from you.  Please email me at patrick@patrickgarbin.comTwo Dawgs an old one and another a little younger would be very grateful...


BuLLdawg said...

17 games against teams who made Top 10 in Mark Richt era winning 3 and of Current 5-Year 18 games against teams who made Top 25 winning 2, the book would be short.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, have a recommendation. just sent you an email.

Eric S. said...

Good to hear of the upcoming book (Game of my Life), really looking forward to it & hopeful to read a story from from All-American Kicker Alan Leavitt. What a great fellow he was. Sure treated me well when he was a junior @ Georgia, & I was an idolizing 7 yr-old fan living across the street. Thanks for making it fun to be a Bulldog, Alan !