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October 25, 2012

A Ringing Endorsement

It just wouldn't be proper for a blog focused on the history of UGA football not to mention the Belue-to-Scott pass play during the week of Georgia-Florida.  Besides being aware of the obvious it's the greatest play in Bulldog history and there's no national title in 1980 without it I assumed I had either read or heard most every experience or account from those involved in the 93-yard miracle or were only yards away when the play unfolded.  That is, until I recently watched filmmaker Lenny Daniel's "1980 Dawgs: The Inside Story of the National Championship Season." 
The DVD set, which was released more than a year ago, is a documentary I thought I'd eventually get around to watching, but was in no hurry to do so.  I, like maybe some of you, have gathered numerous books and videos over the years, describing the 1980 season in full, including a detailed account of the Belue-to-Scott touchdown.
However, when I recently sat down to watch 1980 Dawgs, I honestly couldn't break away from the video until I had consumed all 3½ hours of footage.  The documentary is a thorough and excellent narrative regarding Georgia's greatest football season told by those who experienced it first hand.   
Take it from someone who thought he had seen or heard it all about the national championship campaign prior to watching the documentary.  There are many fascinating anecdotes and memories from former 1980 Bulldog players and coaches that were once untold, but now can be shared.

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Anonymous said...

Can remember coming off the couch and falling on floor in front of TV doing my own version of "Run Lindsey Run" not realizing that it was something that would be etched in all Georgia fans lives forever!