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August 29, 2010

Only Because You Asked...

My newest book on Bulldogs football - Historic Photos of University of Georgia Football - is being released early this week.  Since, and only because, a couple of readers emailed me, asking for information about the book, I'm posting its ordering details.

First off, the book is exactly what the title entails - 200+ archived photographs of UGA football, spanning from 1892 through, appropriately so, the 1980 season.  My writing primarily consists of only a few short chapters and extended captions for all photos; the photo-heavy book is certainly one for the coffee table.

You can find the book's sales sheet HERE and there is also some information about it at my WEBSITE.

So, if interested, you can visit your local bookstore and find it for $40.  Or, you can order from me at a bit of a discount for just $29 (plus $3 if I ship it).  If you so desire, I'll even sign it free of charge.

Please email book@patrickgarbin.com for any requests.

By the way, it makes a great, um, Georgia Football Season Opener gift for all the Bulldogs in your life... 


Anonymous said...

looking forward to the book. My son in law has the same one but for Bama and it has a lot of great photos. if yours is like that and based on your other books, it should be a great book! Just sent you an email with a request.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get a copy of your new book. Now you need to write/assemble another book like this one but for 1980-2010. Keep up the good work!
Old Dawg