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August 12, 2010

Just Win, Baby!

Welcome to the Nutt House, Jeremiah Masoli!

Not long after SI's Stewart Mandel wrote an article on Ole Miss' Nutt being "dirty," I was asked by Covers to write a piece on other filthy college head football coaches - those, like Nutt, that have proved they'll do anything for a victory.

You can read my story HERE.

Since researching and writing the article, my appreciation for Coach Richt has grown even further.  For those that want Richt's head following an occasional eight- or nine-win season, remember, Georgia's football program could be much, much worse off.

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Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see if 1) Ole Miss wins with Masoli at the helm and 2.) can Masoli stay out of trouble. If item 1 or 2 does not go well Nutt will get the full court press on bringing in Masoli