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May 14, 2010

Pulpwood "Spoke" vs. 'Bama in '84

A prelude to the Pulpwood Has Spoken series for the 2010 season...

Now that I'm wrapping up my book project, I'll have more time to post than I've had recently.  To get ready for the upcoming season (and now that I've finally learned how to convert and edit DVDs onto YouTube), I'm going to post a handful of memorable Bulldog moments via video.

What a better way to start off than with a video of the man, the myth, the legend - Andre "Pulpwood" Smith.  In naming him UGA football's top "One-Hit Wonder" in history, I mention that Pulpwood's name is recognized today by many Bulldog fans, who never knew of his football career at Georgia, but for unconventional reasons.  Nevertheless, he was a darn good back who could've been something really special if he would've kept his grades up. 

Although the quality is sub-par (and the audio is even worse), the video shows Pulpwood returning the opening kickoff and gaining just two yards on his first carry.  However, he would then break one off for a 44-yard touchdown.  On his very next carry during the Bulldogs' ensuing possession, Pulpwood would score again, coming on a 34-yard run on the same play as his first touchdown.

Pulpwood finished the game against the Crimson Tide with 117 yards on 12 carries - 80 yards on three rushes in the first 3:47 - in Georgia's 24-14 victory.  Two weeks later versus Vanderbilt, he would rush for another 123 on just 10 carries. 

From November 1983 to mid-October 1985, a span of 20 games, the Bulldogs had just two individual, 100-yard rushing performances, both coming from Pulpwood.


Unknown said...

WOW!!!! Man...this is the ONLY video that I have seen of my playing days! Where in the heck did you find it??? Is it possible to access more? would LOVE to be able to pass on this stuff to my kids...YOU MADE AN OLD MAN'S YEAR!!!

Jimmy Holton

Anonymous said...

I was at that game and really whooped it up when Pulpwood ran those "twin" touchdowns. I got to barking so that an Alabama fan and his son got up and moved to other seats - further away from a barking Dawg! - What a great game.