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September 23, 2016

Swatted wasps, spilled Coke, & Herschel hurdling

Checkout every week at UGASports.com during this football season whereby I long to hear the voice of the late, legendary Larry Munson. I recently was fortunate enough to have gained access to many Munson radio-called games spanning a couple of decades or so. Therefore, I am posting highlights I compiled from a Munson broadcast of a Georgia game from yesteryear. Adding only photos taken from the particular game, and some commentary, each video will be associated with the Bulldogs' upcoming opponent, or the date for which it is posted.

Entering Georgia's game at Ole Miss in 1981, the once-beaten Bulldogs were favored by only just over a touchdown in a road affair which was supposed to be rather contested. Instead, during a dreary day 35 years ago--so dreary that planes could not fly into Oxford--Georgia and Ole Miss featured the killing of wasps and spilled Coke in the broadcast booth and, on the gridiron, one of his best collegiate performances by the legendary Herschel Walker (and, the greatest 6-yard run in the history of the sport), resulting in a 30-point blowout by the Bulldogs over their host:


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful time capsule find of Larry at his best :) Can never hear enough of Larry Munson, R.I.P. you funny soul; thanks Patrick - keep it coming! Some games I was convinced that the Dawgs won with a late game victory because they didn't want to let Munson down!

Patrick Garbin said...

Thanks, Eric.

Chopdawg said...

Good morning & Go DAWGS! I've got several years of Munson highlights, mostly late 70's and early 80's, & wonder if you'd like to hear some of these. Maybe you could use them in this Blawg, which I enjoy. If interested email me at chopdawg5169@gmail.com and I'll send you back a sample. Let me know which years you do have and I'll try to come up with something different!