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February 3, 2013

Do-Over of a Dedication

With "America's Greatest Game" being played today, I thought I'd repost video of arguably Georgia football's greatest game ever played at Sanford Stadium. 

long after starting this blog approximately four years ago, I posted a 10-minute clip of footage from the 1929 Georgia-Yale meeting Sanford Stadium's dedication game that Coach Dooley had given me in 2007.  Upon my little run-in with XOS Digital, the video was unfortunately removed from YouTube, and thus taken off my blog. 

For some time, I've been bypassing YouTube and directly posting videos through Blogger; however, this method often forced me to shorten the clips because Blogger's quality of video output is nowhere near that of YouTube  (no offense to my blog's host site).

Now that I'm hopefully exhibiting that my videos are, and let me stress, reproduced in conjuncture with fair use laws, I've recently reopened an account with YouTube and am back posting UGA football videos in full length and adequate quality.
Over the last couple of years, I've received several requests to repost the entire video I received from Coach Dooley, and finally have that opportunity.  Enjoy today's Super Bowl between the 49ers and Ravens, and, occurring more than eight decades ago, one of the most memorable moments in UGA football history:


Joe Davis said...

My mom was a UGA student and attended the first game in Sanford Stadium 1929. I still have her ticket which was discovered between the pages of her Pandora. She wrote the score on the ticket. Ga 15 Yale 0. Joe Davis, UGA grad 1961. Orofino, ID

Amanda said...

Ten minutes of footage from the 1929 Georgia-Yale football game -- the first game played at UGA's Sanford Stadium. Amanda Vanderpool