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January 10, 2013

"Hey, James Brown... Sing that Junkyard Dog Thing!"

Six months ago, I blogged about how I had been generously given the Bulldog radio broadcast of the 1975 Georgia-Florida game, and posted the last 26 minutes of the broadcast.  As I stated then:

For most of us Bulldog enthusiasts, the lone moment we've heard from the broadcast is the great Richard Appleby-to-Gene Washington 80-yard touchdown pass, which "won" Georgia the game. However, as I've mentioned here a couple of times before, there was a ton of time remaining after the memorable end-around touchdown play. The Gators would have possession of the ball TWICE more and even made a game-tying field-goal attempt with nearly one minute left.
Recently, I was handed another Georgia football treasure: coaches film from that same game.  The individual that sent me the film was actually one of the Bulldogs' 11 offensive players on the field when Appleby threw to Washington.  I have made an attempt to mix Munson's broadcast with my edited version of the film, plus added a little cheesy commentary, to bring what ranks as one of the most exciting final few minutes in UGA football history:  

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