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December 4, 2012

Look a Heah, Hot

It has taken me a few days to fully process the Bulldogs' loss in the SEC Championship, while I remain a man of few words following the heartbreaking defeat.  In fact, I have just three words to describe my feelings concerning its end result: As Florida Evans once so infamously proclaimed...
But, it's time to move on and look forward to Georgia's bowl game, capping hopefully a 12-win campaign and adding the 2012 season as a rather memorable one to the annals of Bulldog football.
Less from a month from now, the Bulldogs will face the Nebraska Cornhuskers for only the second time in history.  And, although the outcome of the teams' initial game was one quite forgettable for Georgia enthusiasts, the 1969 Sun Bowl is known for a tale which might be the best Bulldog bowl story of all time (extracted from Loran Smith's Dooley's Dawgs):
Entering the Sun Bowl without a win in four games, the 5-4-1 Bulldogs had no business facing a Nebraska program that was amidst a 32-game non-losing streak.  This mismatch was never more evident as the Cornhuskers led 38-0 midway through the final quarter.  Georgia experienced one of its few highlights of the game when quarterback Paul Gilbert scored a touchdown on a 6-yard keeper.  
Obtained from a reputable Nebraska football historian, the following video (with audio from the Cornhusker radio broadcast) is of the Bulldogs' lone score from the game.  Unfortunately, any exchange between Georgia's Poss and an opposing Cornhusker on the PAT is not in view:

Also obtained from this same historian was a bit of information:  Apparently, Nebraska's Rich Glover in fact did not play in the '69 Sun Bowl; he was a true freshman that year in a time when freshmen were ineligible to play varsity college football.
Regardless, the piece on the Sun Bowl from Loran's book remains an excellent and humorous narrative, supporting that sometimes the best told story is one that's a little embellished (especially if it's an old football story).  It's just too bad the lopsided 45-6 final score wasn't a bit exaggerated as well...

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