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August 12, 2012

On the Way

Yesterday, I received a large shipment of my new book on the Cocktail Party rivalry, I Love Georgia/I Hate FloridaSo, if you've already ordered the book from me, kind of like the football Robert Edwards carried against the Gators in '97 on a toss sweep, it's on the way...  You should be receiving a package from me by this time next week.

If you'd like to order a copy of the book, send me an email, expressing your interest.  The book retails for about $16 after tax; however, for just $14, I'll send you a copy signed, sealed, and shipped free of charge.  And, if you've already ordered a copy but would like another, or two, by all means, there are plenty to go around...  

Regardless, please visit the book's Facebook page (and "Like" the page!), where I'll continuously post updates regarding the book, signing dates, and Georgia-Florida photos and videos throughout the upcoming season.

Notably, when asked to write the book nearly a year ago in mid-September, one of the first possible "snags" my editor and I discussed was what if Coach Richt got the axe and was replaced by the manuscript's deadline.  After the 0-2 start, it certainly appeared like a possibility; how things quickly changed.  Nonetheless, something that did not change during last football season was the constant support from the readers of this blog.

When I asked back on September 28th for anti-Gator stories, tidbits, jokes, etc., that I could use in the book, I was hoping to receive two or three from readers.  Instead, from that day through the Christmas holidays, I was sent more than two dozen Gator-hating anecdotes from you guys, and I want to thank each of you again for your assistance in writing the book.

I tried to either directly use, or at least somehow incorporate, every single story/joke sent my way.  So, if you sent me an anti-Gator email, it is most likely included in some form within the book's 300+ pages.

Of my five books on UGA football, this one is honestly and undoubtedly my favorite.  I interviewed more former players and coaches than for my previous four books combined.  In addition, I tried to include as many never-before-published Bulldog football facts and stories, including a real entertaining account from Barbara Dooley on her experience and encounters while the Belue-to-Scott miracle of '80 transpired.

More importantly, and unlike my previous books, where the writing is primarily objective and reporting-like in nature, I made an attempt at being rather creative (and I stress attempt), tried to be irreverent towards all things Gator-related, while writing the book from one collective voice that of the Bulldog Nation's.  Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I ordered two books rom you a few weeks ago, however, I saw it at B&N yesterday and couldn't help myself to go ahead and buying a copy. What a wonderful book! Your right - a lot of new information and stories I had never read, and I tend to think I know a lot about the Dawgs!!! Some really cool photos also.