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July 9, 2012

A True Classic in Pictures

Georgia, 10 to 7, but as the marvelous Munson
proclaimed, There's alotta time!
Recently, I was at my parents house just outside of Athens when my mother handed me a historic UGA football treasure  the 1975 Georgia-Florida radio broadcast.  In anticipation of my upcoming book release on the Bulldogs-Gators rivalry, my former dentist, and a reader of this blog, handed my parents the 10-7 Georgia momentous victory in Jacksonville to pass along to me.

You're kidding...  For a Georgia football history nerd like myself, it was instantly Christmas in July!

For most of us Bulldog enthusiasts, the lone moment we've heard from the broadcast is the great Richard Appleby-to-Gene Washington 80-yard touchdown pass, which "won" Georgia the game.  However, as I've mentioned here a couple of times before, there was a ton of time remaining after the memorable end-around touchdown play.  The Gators would have possession of the ball TWICE more and even made a game-tying field-goal attempt with nearly one minute left.

I've cut the final 5+ minutes of the '75 Georgia-Florida meeting, which is just over 26 minutes of broadcast, and arranged it with about a dozen photos all but the final two taken from the actual game.  Warning: Albeit some of my comments might be a tad lame and/or not positioned properly with the broadcast (please excuse my first attempt using Windows Movie Maker), I've added a little commentary to help you follow one of the great upsets for the Bulldogs in recent memory.

Most significantly, you'll hear the electrifying play by play of the legendary Larry Munson, who was in only his tenth year as "Voice of the Bulldogs."  Included is a classic request by Munson, which I would guess few remember or have even heard before, but has to be one of the greatest lines ever declared on any football radio broadcast...

On another note, I was introduced to the GATA News Net for UGA blogs over the weekend.  Admittedly, I almost disregarded their email before deciding to read it and visiting their site.  I recommend checking out the site and registering, after which I would appreciate you placing my blog in your top-10 listing.

Also, I will be receiving my Georgia-Florida book copies within the next two-to-three weeks.  In bookstores, the 320-page "handy manual as to why we love the Georgia Bulldogs and why we hate the Florida Gators" will cost you around $16 after taxes.  But, by visiting my site and emailing, I will send you a copy for $14 with free shipping (and, if you can bear it, my free signature).  Although my book is not quite the Georgia-Florida treasure as the video above, it will make a great Get-Ready-For-Football-Season gift for the Bulldog, or two, or ten, in your life!  


NatesDawgs said...

What a great piece of Bulldog lore!

Thanks for visiting GATA News Net, Patrick! The email formatting somehow came out all wrong, but glad you got the messsage and definitely a big thanks for reading it and visiting. Never hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!!

ecdawg said...


Let me know when you get your inventory and I'll run a plug for it on LHB.

Anonymous said...

You're right- absolutely classic! Patrick, thanks again for bringing us Dawg fans something none of the other UGA blogs can deliver!

Patrick Garbin said...

Thanks guys for all of your comments; glad y'all enjoyed the "video." And, yes, ecdawg, I'll definitely give you a shout when my books come in.