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March 5, 2011

Happy Belated...

...Birthday to the greatest college football player of all time.  Checking out the latest blog posts, I was reminded by Bernie that Herschel's birthday was a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd acknowledge the Goal Line Stalker's special day.

Although I was only seven years old when Herschel played his final game as a Bulldog, I'm rather confident that I've researched, written, and blogged enough on him to have a good idea of what he meant to UGA football; simply put, his impact was immeasurable.

Following an all-out recruiting war, like none ever before (or maybe since) in college football, and Georgia landing the big-time recruit, all Herschel did for UGA was be the Bulldogs' primary contributor to a national title, three straight SEC championship seasons, and give the school just its second Heisman Trophy. 

And, if it wasn't for the award's ballots having to be submitted prematurely in 1980 and a 2,300-yard season by Southern Cal's Marcus Allen the following year, Herschel would have most likely walked away from Athens with three Heismans.

However, what is as intriguing as his distinguished Bulldog football career and one of the more underappreciated stints in professional football was what Herschel could do off the field.  Even today, at nearly 50 years old, Walker continues to demonstrate his non-football related skills.

Add MMA fighting to a long list that includes a two-time All-American in track, an Olympic bobsledder, a successful businessman, a black belt in karate, his high school's valedictorian, a poet (From more than 30 years ago: I wish they could see, The real person in me), and - one of my favorites - quite a dancer. 

The night before the '81 Sugar Bowl - a game where Herschel nearly single-handedly defeated Notre Dame for the national championship - the freshman phenom won a disco contest staged by bowl officials.

"They tell me that he jumped up in the air and came down and did splits," said Coach Dooley about the contest following the Sugar Bowl win.  "Splits! With boots on!" 

The man could do seemingly everything. 

According to Auburn fans, Herschel also ate quiche.  I agree with Bill Hartman...I don't know if he indeed ate quiche, but I bet Herschel could make a pretty good one. 

He did win a blue ribbon for a chef's salad made in high school as a Future Homemaker of America...

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Anonymous said...

I think Hershel eats quiche made from War-Eagle eggs.