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December 17, 2010

Back when we routinely beat these guys...

Jubilant Bulldog fans streamed onto the Gator Bowl field after the victory and tore down both goalposts. As a Georgia player attempted to wade through the crowd, he remarked that it was easy for the Bulldogs to get through the Florida defense in the second half, but reaching the dressing room after the game was a different story.

Duty called the last couple weeks, so I wasn't able to tend to my blog.  Nevertheless, I'm back and wanted to somewhat continue my last post regarding the Bulldogs' recent ineffective play in the fourth quarter under Richt. 

As I indicated, several of Coach Dooley's teams were known for their tremendous, rallying performances in the final quarter.  Such was the case of the '76 Junkyard Dogs, who trailed the opposition or were tied in the second half of four games before coming back for victories.

Back in May, I posted video of Florida's "Fourth-and-Dumb" that swung the momentum of the 1976 meeting in favor of the Dogs.  I'd like to add, Gator Coach Dickey's errant decision led to a memorable comeback for Dooley's Dogs - perhaps, the greatest fourth quarter of Georgia football in the modern era:

Ah, the memories.  It's hard to believe there was a time the Bulldogs regularly defeated the Gators, winning 13 of 16 meetings from 1974-1989, and even more unimaginable, Florida had yet to win an SEC championship.

After the last couple of seasons, it's also good to see Georgia rally for a memorable win over a reputable opponent (albeit one from more than 34 years ago).

However, that was a long time ago...  For example, you'd never see today the same from Georgia's male cheerleaders as they exhibit soon after Ray Goff's first touchdown. (At least, I hope they still don't execute the man-on-man "dog pile.")

Also, you'd likely never witness an extremely wealthy celebrity peering in on a sideline interview, as the late Aaron Spelling is doing so with Goff.

Speaking of Goff, say what you will regarding his head-coaching tenure at Georgia.  Notwithstanding, the quarterback could undoubtedly run the Veer offense and, most importantly, in recognizing deceased Hugh Hendrix, appeared to be a fine person and teammate.

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