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September 2, 2010

Cheat Sheet

The Bulldogs could very likely cover the 28-point or so spread against Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, but will Coach let them?

Over the years, Mark Richt has earned the reputation as being tender hearted to those that are less fortunate, and that includes to non-BCS and FCS football teams.  There are several examples since 2001 when the Bulldogs could have defeated a lesser opponent (and covered the spread) handily - Western Carolina, Georgia Southern, and Tennessee Tech, just from the last three seasons - but Richt called off his Dogs later in the games, so not to run up the score. 

Someone asked me yesterday if I thought Georgia would cover the 28-point spread on Saturday.  For several reasons, I definitely think the Dogs would do so when looking at the two teams on paper.  However, when the "Richt Factor" is figured in, I could only give this answer: Never take Georgia when you're laying more than 21 points.

I was asked by Covers to do a weekly "cheat sheet" for the college football games involving top-25 teams.  For these games, I give a reason why each team will cover the spread and a tip for every game's total.  Coming up with why Louisiana-Lafayette might cover was easy... You can view this week's games HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes Coach Richt, whose Offense has averaged # 52 Total Offense all 9 years to-date, was trying NOT to RUN UP THE SCORE on intramural Vandie LOSING to them when with the win over UGA, Vandie won but 4 games all season long.

8 times in 9 years Coach Richt has LOST to a team who ended that season NOT RANKED in the Top 25 Final AP Poll.

The problem is not so much not running up the score Patrick, but winning.