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July 6, 2010

Are You the Smartest?

I wanted to give a plug to a game I have really enjoyed since I began playing last November.  The great thing about The Smartest Bulldog is that you earn points for just playing, which eventually can be redeemed for great prizes

I have a friend who knows very little about the history of and current news on UGA athletics; however, she recently had earned enough points to receive a Smartest Bulldog T-Shirt in the mail.  It's FREE to play; just sign up at the site.

The good folks at Smartfolks have recently launched six new games for other schools:

So, if you're a Bulldog backer or have any Tiger, Tide, Gator, 'Nole, Jacket, or 'Cock friends, spread the word about the game and let's see who is the smartest...


Bernie said...

Love matching wits with other Dawgs. And reading your books doesn't hurt when it comes to racking up points.


Anonymous said...

I've been hooked on the GA game for a while. I'm a FSU grad, transplant Dog fan, living in ATL and root hard for both the Noles and Dogs...For 2003 Sugar Bowl I was split down the middle. I'm going to try out the FSU game.

By the way, fantastic blog! Keep up the good work and keep those old school videos going...love those! Go Dogs! Jim

Anonymous said...

This game is fantastic i like playing the smartest bulldog site I used your book to study for the game

Vince said...

I've played the game EVERY DAY for over 200 straight days. I am addicted and about to lose my wife because of this damn game!