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April 9, 2010

All-time Greatest G-Day Quote

The colorful Bobby Poss, a reserve center and snapper for the Bulldogs from 1969-1971, has always been good with a quip. 

When Georgia played Nebraska in the 1969 Sun Bowl - a blowout 39-point win for the Cornhuskers - the Bulldogs scored their only points on a 6-yard touchdown run by quarterback Paul Gilbert late in the game. 

When Poss came out on the field to snap the point-after, Nebraska's Rich Glover, an eventual Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award winner, said to Poss, "No. 52, I'm gonna ram your head down to your shoe tops."

"Look a heah, Hot," Poss said.  "Ain't no way we can score forty points with time running out.  How 'bout takin' it easy on me."

In April of 1984, Georgia's G-Day game matched the Bulldogs' varsity versus a group of alumni players.  The match up only transpired because Coach Dooley wanted to keep his team's injuries to a minimum. (And allow the old alumni to be injured instead?)

When Poss, the snapper for the alumni, was asked just prior to the game what the point spread should be, he jokingly answered, "two - two kegs."

The alumni team shockingly held a 10-10 tie at halftime before the varsity scored 28 unanswered points for a 38-10 victory.  It was the first time Georgia's varsity and alumni met for the annual spring game, and the last.

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