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March 5, 2010

Who's the 3rd-best team of all time in the SEC?

To me, it seems Alabama and Tennessee are practically givens as the first and second-best football programs of all time of current SEC members, in terms of historical success.

With that being said, I attempt to find out the answer to the title of this entry by using eight different measurements.  You can read my article at the Bleacher Report.

I discover, more so than the third position, who the 12th and worst SEC team in history is probably more debatable. 


Anonymous said...

Is this a veiled attempt to not discuss the current state of our UGA Bulldogs' Football Program ?

Lost 3 of the last 4 to the vols.

Lost 3 of the last 4 to Florida.

It's great that we used to play football, but the facts remain that any attempt to state that UGA is better than Florida in football when it once was 44-22-2 and now stands at 47-39-2, comes across pardon me as shallow.

3 National Championships according to everyone in the last 15 years now for Florida to 0 in the last 3 decades for UGA and 3 wins in the last 2 decades over Florida for us, I am sorry to say make any other attempt to say who is best, or who is ranked where, so much baloney.

Moreover :

25-36-4 UGA vs Alabama All-Time
52-53-8 UGA vs Auburn All-Time
12-15-1 UGA vs LSU All-Time
16-21-2 UGA vs Tennessee All-Time

Historically, we are obviously 5th.

In the Coach Richt Era, now Year 10, we have yet to beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any bowl game on the National Stage.

2-2 UGA vs Boston College
1-2 UGA vs Houston with 1 tie
2-3 UGA vs Maryland with 1 tie
0-1 UGA vs Miami of Ohio
1-1 UGA vs Michigan
0-2 UGA vs Navy
0-1 UGA vs Nebraska
0-1 UGA vs Penn State
0-3 UGA vs Pittsburgh with 1 tie
0-3 UGA vs USC Southern Cal
0-1 UGA vs Stanford
0-1 UGA vs Syracuse
1-3 UGA vs Texas
2-3 UGA vs Texas A&M
0-1 UGA vs Rice
1-2 UGA vs Wake Forest
0-1 UGA vs West Virginia

We cannot get over the hump in our own Division of our own Conference to get on The National Stage to beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any bowl game.

We are a joke being ranked # 1 consensus only to go out and give up

31 consecutive points
42 consecutive points
29 consecutive points

and, Lose all 3 games to drop all the way to # 13 Final AP Poll.

Had we started where we ended at # 13, we would not have been ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25.

In the last 4 years, we have had :

14 average interceptions per year 4 yr

21 average fumbles per year 4 yr

# 96 average NCAA rank in Penalties 4 yr

In the last 4 years we have Lost 14 games, 10 of them in our own Division of our own Conference to keep us from the National Stage beating a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in a bowl game.

10-10 UGA vs SEC East last 4 years

Everyone else knows that Florida has been the best team in The SEC over the lifetime of anyone alive today.

Everyone else knows that Alabama has been significantly better than UGA as well. 31 to nothing when we are ranked # 1 at halftime, sticks in my craw.

There is no one who thinks with UGA the higher ranked team every year over the last 8 consecutive and counting compared to the vols that it is any consolation with the vols actually having won HALF 4 of those 8 years to maintain a huge lead over us.

LSU are we to blame a blown call for the loss, or face up to the fact LSU too along with Tennessee Alabama Florida and LSU all have National Championships, most of them multiple times in recent years, and that Auburn who we have beat 4 years in a row is only because while we have lost 14 games the last 4 years they have lost 18, when of course just prior to that too, they went undefeated 13-0.

It's not been very fun losing to every single SEC East team in a row the last 4 years.

Instead of trying to tell the players and coaches how great they are, why don't we tell them instead that we are not at all satisfied.

Because I for one am not.

I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but the facts are that we have now yet again no quarterback with any experience whatsoever, and folks are talking about a rebuilding year.

I thought we just went through a rebuilding year with 5 losses.

Patrick Garbin said...


Thanks for reading/posting and I actually agree with and can appreciate some of your points. However, how a team measures up historically shouldn't be based on head-to-head matchups alone, as you indicate. A LOT more should be considered, as I attempted in my article.

To answer your question, my post has nothing to do with the program's current state but is merely a historical, statistical analysis, where I obviously had too much time on my hands. Your facts/stats are great but have little to do with the Georgia teams of long ago.

I am the first to point out the team's, at times, ineffective play during the past two-to-four seasons. However, the success, or lack thereof (in your opinion), of the Mark Richt era, compared to the other 11 SEC members is only a small portion of the 116 seasons of UGA football.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick.

There are those who say that UGA is 4th in The SEC today.

Clearly Florida is better than us, right ?

Certainly LSU is better than us, right ?

Alabama, have they passed us by or not ?

We are talking about within The SEC alone. And, there are lots of other conferences. Big XII, PAC-10, Big 10, Big East, ACC and now the others too, right ?

National Stage, to get on it, you have to play a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in a Big Bowl Game and win it. We've absolutely not done that yet in the Coach Richt Era.

To get there, you have to be better than 3rd in The SEC before Alabama last year also passed us by making us 4th in The SEC. And, of course we are talking about in The Coach Richt Era.

10-10 vs The SEC East Last 4 years.

1-3 vs Florida Last 4 years.

1-3 vs Tennessee Last 4 years.

This is in our own Division of our own Conference.

So, I am asking Patrick about the last 2-4 years. Over the last 4 years, we have been not up to UGA Football standards.

4 Years

Not 2-4 Years

4 years 14 interceptions per year
4 years 21 fumbles per year
4 years # 96 average rank NCAA Penalties

We cannot line up and run a play without a penalty. What are we practicing ?

When we do execute the play called, we either fumble or throw an interception. What are we practicing ?

We have seriously wasted talent on Offense the last 4 years. Knowshon Moreno redshirted so that we only got to see the best running back at UGA in 3 decades 2 years only. Washaun Ealey redshirted until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game last year. Also last year, Orson Charles not made Starter at Tight End until the 12th game of the 13-game season. Marlon Brown thrown 2 passes all season long, just as we threw only 2 passes to Branden Smith all season long last year too.

Logan Gray now is criticizing the Offensive Coaching Staff at UGA today in the newspaper stating that there should have been competition last year for Joe Cox as our Quarterback. I certainly felt that with Joe Cox's chronic shoulder and Flu the 1st week, that Zach Mettenberger would have put up more than 10 points against Oklahoma State who did not even end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll beat by Houston for example, but not by us.

Anonymous said...

With all the struggles we had running the football last season when we were hyped that the OL was so great, Starting Richard Samuel at Tailback when he had just lost the Georgia tek game with a fumble, we never did hand the football to either Shaun Chapas or Fred Munzenmaier.

Richard Samuel this year, the same Offensive Coaching Staff has kicked him off the Offense completely. It is said he is facing a redshirt season now too to learn another position, over on any side of the ball but Offense.

We lost 5 SEC East Games in a Row over the last 4 years now. That is every SEC East team in a row consecutively beat us.

10-10 SEC East last 4 years.

5 SEC National Championships in a row.

We do not measure up to ANY of those Football Programs, not on March 7, 2010.

We cannot even beat Tennessee the last 4 years at 1-3, as you point out in your response Patrick.

We've played 11 games vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams in The Coach Richt Era and lost 8.

We've played 36 games vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams in The Coach Richt Era and lost 19.

Most troubling of all is 8 Losses in The Coach Richt Era against teams not even ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll the year we lost to them.

No. An analysis of UGA Football Program March 7, 2010 would put us no higher than # 4 in our own Conference.

We just are not getting on the National Stage, and the problems are on Offensive Coaching Staff.

The facts about the state of our football program right now are that we are clearly # 4 or worse in our own conference, never mind the National Stage beyond our own Conference. And, there is no better place to see that than in our own state being unable to actually get any of all the Offensive All-Stars here to play for this woebegone Offensive Coaching Staff, as none of the recruits in the state of Georgia on Offense came here this year. What does that tell you Patrick ?