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September 15, 2009

Three Wins and Counting...

I've mentioned a couple times before Georgia's deserving but apparently oversighted victories over an Atlanta club team in 1908 and 1909 not included in UGA's "official" football records. I thought I'd conduct further research into this matter by examining and comparing the previous time the Red and Black had faced a football "club team"--1906 vs. the Savannah Athletic Club (AC).

I found more than what was intended when I discovered ANOTHER game--a 53 to 2 victory over Dahlonega played on November 17, 1906 (photo--The Red and Black)--not listed in Georgia's records. If you look at the yearly results section of this year's football media guide under the 1906 season, Georgia played Georgia Tech on November 10 and Tennessee on November 21, but missing is the Dahlonega game played between those two dates. The 1906 game versus the "Mountain Team" should certainly be acknowledged considering we also played Dahlonega the season before (1905), the two seasons following (1907 and 1908), and on three consecutive occasions a few years later (1913-1915); all six of these contests against Dahlonega are recognized by UGA. It appears now at least three additional victories should be credited to the football program but currently are not due to seemingly error and/or omissions made many years ago.

Add the three omitted victories to Georgia's currently recognized all-time wins and the total stands at 727--11th most in Division I-A history and 15th in all of college football, including Divisions I-AA, II, III, and NAIA teams (The all-time win totals of Yale, Harvard, Penn, and Princeton, all I-AA schools, exceed Georgia's). Although the Bulldogs still remain 41 wins behind 10th (in I-A) and 14th-ranked (in all of college football) Southern Cal, at the rate I'm finding missing Georgia victories, the Dogs could catch the Trojans in no time.

Not all news is good. Shortly after discovering the missing Dahlonega win, I found a FOURTH excluded game. This one is like the previous three in that it was played 100 years or more ago; however, the end result was unfortunately different--a loss by a score of 5 to 6 to the "Agricultural & Mechanical (A&M) College of North Carolina," now known as N.C. State.

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