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July 27, 2009

Too Much Tebow Talk

Since it has been finally reported South Carolina's director of football operations was the culprit who did not vote for Florida's Tim Tebow, maybe we can all move on and live our lives.
If you have been living under a rock for the past week or so, there was a huge controversy last week at SEC Media Days when it was discovered one of 11 conference head coaches did not vote the Gator quarterback to the preseason's first-team All-SEC.
First, the media cried, "Who done it?!?"
"Was it Mark Richt?" "I bet it was Tennessee's Lane Kiffin!" "What about that new coach over at Mississippi State?"
While the media questioned, I, like many others, was screaming "WHO GIVES A RIP?!?" I guess the media does; that's who. Come to find out it was the Evil Genius who left the Heisman-Trophy winner off his first-team all-conference team. Spurrier blamed Speronis, said they had "screwed it up," and then amended his ballot. Case close--the end of Tebowgate. Or so we thought...
A local sports-talk radio station STILL was reporting on the Tebow slight in their regular updates as late as yesterday. On Sunday, one sports editor declared the situation as one of the more notable oversights in SEC history, comparing it to Auburn missing out playing for a national championship in 2004 and Peyton Manning finishing runner-up for the 1997 Heisman Trophy.
Speaking of, am I the only fan of the SEC who thought Michigan's Charles Woodson deserved the Heisman in 1997? Peyton had a spectacular collegiate career and a fine senior season. However, it's difficult to argue with a player who played defense, offense, and on special teams, intercepted eight passes, and scored touchdowns rushing, receiving, and on a punt return for an undefeated Michigan squad who would win the national title. Manning, on the other hand, concluded the 1997 season by reinforcing Woodson's worthiness, throwing for just 134 yards on 31 attempts in a 42-17 blowout loss to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. I digress...
Many Gator Haters like Tim Tebow. My wife likes Tim Tebow (she calls him her "college football boyfriend"). I even like Tim Tebow. And that's saying a lot considering my despise for all Florida quarterbacks (especially this one) since freshman Kerwin Bell led the Gators to a 27-0 hammering of the eighth-ranked Bulldogs in 1984.
Some may make fun of Tebow...

Nevertheless, you have to admire Tebow for his character, integrity, determination, spirituality, and, by the way, he could finish his Gator career as the best player in the history of college football. Let's just hope the talk of Tebow getting slighted ends and we can soon discuss his play on the gridiron instead of his spot on a coach's All-SEC ballot.

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