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April 27, 2009

All-Time NFL Draft Results

Stafford becomes the fourth UGA player taken first overall and the 273rd Bulldog ever selected in the NFL Draft. (Reuters)
During Georgia's fine representation in this weekend's NFL Draft, I thought to myself that surely Georgia ranked in the top 20, or maybe even the top 15, in the number of players ever selected in the draft. I was correct in my assumption. Using the NFL's site and DraftHistory.com, I compiled some "draft stats." The following are the top 20 schools in number of individuals selected in the NFL Draft from the first draft in 1936 through the latest, 2009 edition. Totals include any players taken in a supplemental draft (e.g., Paul Oliver in 2007) and the 1984 Supplemental USFL Draft. Not surprisingly, this top 20 of players selected looks very similar to any given listing of the greatest college football programs of all time:
1. Notre Dame (462)
2. Southern Cal (461)
3. Ohio State (390)
4. Oklahoma (339)
5. Michigan (332)
6. Nebraska (331)
7. Tennessee (321)
8. Penn State (317)
9. Texas (316)
10. Miami of Fla (294)
11. Florida (289)
12. Michigan State (286)
13. UCLA (285)
14. Alabama (280)
15. Georgia (278)
16. Washington (272)
17. Purdue (269)
18. LSU (268)
19. Pittsburgh (261)
20. Colorado (257)

I'm kind of shocked Alabama has not had more players selected. Also, Michigan State and Purdue's high rankings are rather unexpected. As far as the rest of the SEC:
Auburn (245), Arkansas (236), Ole Miss (219), Kentucky (180), South Carolina (170), Mississippi State (167), and Vanderbilt (109)
I thought that even more impressive than Georgia's total number of selections would be the number of Bulldogs chosen in just the FIRST round. I was somewhat mistaken as Georgia ranks only fifth in the SEC in first round draft selections:
Tennessee (41), Florida (40), Alabama (35), LSU (31), Georgia (27), Auburn (26), Arkansas (22), Ole Miss (14), Kentucky (13), Vanderbilt (10), Mississippi State (9) and South Carolina (9)
The Bulldogs' four number one overall selections are the best in the conference and topped nationally by only Notre Dame and USC (each with five).
Thirty-eight Bulldog offensive tackles, more than any other position, have been selected in the NFL Draft. This is followed by 31 offensive guards, 31 "backs" (drafted as both an offensive and defensive back), 30 running backs, and 29 defensive backs. What position is the least drafted? Just one halfback (Bobby Towns in 1960) and punter (Spike Jones, 1970) from Georgia have been selected.

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