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April 24, 2018


With the NFL Draft looming, does Sony Michel have an issue with “ball security”—comparatively speaking? (Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated)
Recently, I heard for what seemed like the umpteenth time from a distinguished NFL draft analyst that fumbling is a concern with former Georgia standout Sony Michel as the draft looms just days away.

“Ball security with Michel [is an issue], the fumbles,” the draft expert said. “He's got to clean that up.”

Not necessarily doubting the analyst, I decided to explore the legitimacy of his claim—comparatively speaking, that is, as it relates to all Bulldog players who handled the football over an extended period of time—say, beginning in 2001, or when individual fumble statistics were first made available, via UGA, through last season.

Accordingly, the expert’s assertion seems valid on the surface as Michel’s 12 fumbles during his Georgia career, five of which were lost, are tied for the most by a non-quarterback and tied for fourth overall among all Bulldog players (trailing quarterbacks Aaron Murray, who fumbled 20 times, David Greene, who had 17, and Matthew Stafford’s 14).

However, upon further examination... Continue Reading.


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