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January 14, 2016

From Cavan to Campbell to Coley...

...it's no secret that the amount of combined payouts Georgia has paid its assistant football coaches has significantly climbed over the years, but how significantly?

Considering that last season the Bulldogs, ranking fourth in the country, paid their assistants a combined $4.8 million, or more than double the amount than just six years before in 2009 ($2.02 million), you can imagine how much greater the payout is than, say, three decades ago.

Or, can you?

I couldn't imagine the difference until conducting some research on the salaries of Georgia's assistant coaches over the last three decades. And, the escalation is rather staggering. 

So, from Cavan to Campbell to Coley, or Sherman to Scelfo to Schumann if you prefer (and, inflation cannot be used as rationalization, as the "buying power" of $1 in 1986 has only slightly more than doubled in 30 years), see for yourself the salaries of Georgia's assistants in 2016 compared to a couple of those coaching the same/similar positions from previous eras:

Offensive Coordinator: Jim Chaney, $850,000
1991- Wayne McDuffie, $90,000 
(At the time, not only was McDuffie considered perhaps the highest paid assistant in all of college football, but his annual salary actually exceeded that of two SEC head coaches.)
2005- Neil Callaway, $156,000

Offensive Line: Sam Pittman, $650,000
1994- Mac McWhorter, $66,640
1996- Chris Scelfo, $90,000

Running Backs: Dell McGee, $275,000
1986- Mike Cavan, $35,000
1994- David Kelly, $58,000

Wide Receivers: James Coley, $450,000
1987- Ray Sherman, $50,580
1996- Darryl Drake, $70,000

Defensive Coordinator: Mel Tucker 
(Currently, Tucker's salary for 2016 is unavailable; however, for comparison's sake, DC Jeremy Pruitt's was paid $1.3 million last year.)
1986- Bill Lewis, $57,240
1994- Marion Campbell, $106,000 (Georgia's first $100,000 assistant coach)

Defensive Line: Tracy Rocker, $525,000
1996- Greg Adkins, $60,000
1999- Rodney Garner, $114,400

Linebackers: Kevin Sherrer, $375,000
1986- Dicky Clark, $33,060
1994- Frank Orgel, $63,050

Secondary: Glenn Schumann, $225,000
1996- Greg Williams, $85,000
2004- Willie Martinez, $135,000

Special Teams/Tight Ends: Shane Beamer, $275,000
1986- Ray Goff (TEs), $35,000
1996- Brad Lambert (STs and DEs), $65,000

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