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March 23, 2012

Crackers, and Wildcats, and Dawgs! Oh, my!

Before there was Uga,
Georgia was represented
by, yes, Stinky...
It's somewhat hard to believe that before Georgia was the Bulldogs, it was the Crackers and Wildcats.  It's also difficult to imagine any Bulldog mascot besides our beloved Uga, especially one named "Stinky," and there was actually an "official negro mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs."

For decades, there has been some debate regarding the origin of UGA's "Bulldogs" nickname and its Bulldog mascot.  Similarly to my "History of the UGA Football Helmet" (right panel), I've attempted to put together a detailed History of UGA's Nickname and Mascot, which can be found at my website.

Like my helmet site, if you have any additional details/information on Georgia's nickname/mascot or believe I've made some sort of error or omission, please email me at patrick@patrickgarbin.com or comment directly to this post. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool... Every other story I've read about GA's goat was that the animal's name was "unknown". Where did you find out its name? Great post as always. --DaveD