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February 24, 2012

UGA Helmet History

...and that!
Yes, UGA players actually
once wore that... 
Whether The Helmet Project, Infinite Helmets, or SWC Helmet History, among others, I utilize and enjoy a variety of college football helmet history sites for my full-time job.

For my work, I've searched for a complete history of UGA football helmets for some time and have found little.  I decided to put together a helmet project of sorts for Georgia football, beginning with the program's first teams and including the numerous decals/stickers the Bulldogs have displayed over the years.

You can find my UGA Helmet History here at my website.

If you have any additional details/information on Georgia's helmet history or believe I've made some sort of error or omission, please email me at or comment directly to this post.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your Dawg helmet history page. Fascinating stuff! Hate, hate, hate the Boise State unis and hats. Like the blackout unis, but given their lasting outing, probably should forever be retired. Still love the black hats, too, from the Florida game.

Anonymous said...

Just as I was telling a co-worker the other day that GA ha hardly changed their helmet design thru the years...then I read your link. Awesome work and read! Never knew about the temporary change in 62- those might be my favorite helmets.

Anonymous said...

I may be mistaken, but I thought there was a game in the 1990s between Georgia and Clemson where they both wore throwback helmet designs. Maybe the 1995 game?

Patrick Garbin said...

Anon 11:46,
Yes, in the 1995 Georgia-Clemson game, the Tigers wore a throwback uniform (including helmet) for the program's 100th anniversary. Georgia, on the other hand, stuck to its normal helmet design for the game.

Thanks for reading and the post.