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May 24, 2009

The First of Many

The May issue of the College Football Historical Society features an article of mine on Bob McWhorter--Georgia's first All-American. (Note: After scanning the three pages of the CFHS newsletter my article appears on and converting the scan to a PDF file, for some unexplainable reason, a few of the article's words became misspelled or appear crammed together. Maybe it's time for a new scanner...)
Ray Schmidt is the founder and editor of the newsletter and has also authored at least four books on college football, including a recent one published on the Rose Bowl. The College Football Historical Society is in its 22nd year and a great read for those interested in the history of college football. It is certainly worth the $15 or so for the annual subscription of 6 to 9 issues. For more information on the CFHS newsletter, Ray can be contacted at or P.O. Box 6460, Ventura, CA, 93006.
Before conducting research for my books, I had no idea the impact McWhorter had on Georgia and college football in the early 1910s. As my article mentions, I once simply thought of him as the football program's first All-American and the namesake for a dorm at UGA. On the contrary, McWhorter was much, much more.
Like most, I have always thought of Herschel Walker as the most OUTSTANDING player ever for the Bulldogs and, arguably, in the history of college football. I also believe Charley Trippi is the best ALL-AROUND player and greatest ATHLETE ever to don the red and black. Notwithstanding, I've felt for some time that Bob McWhorter is the most VALUABLE Georgia football player in the 117-year history of the program.

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