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April 7, 2009


Worley races for 89 Yards vs. Florida in 1985.
Many Georgia Bulldog followers can reel off the greatest games in the football program's history: 17-10 over Notre Dame in the '81 Sugar Bowl, versus UCLA in the 1943 Rose Bowl, against Auburn in 1959, 1980 Florida, 2002 Auburn, and so on and so forth... However, as many great and distinguished games in UGA football history, there are as many glorious but obscure games. Over the next few months, I'll be posting and detailing, in no particular order, 10 great but obscure games in Bulldogs history--10 games most UGA fans are not necessarily familiar with, like the upset victory over #1 Florida in 1985 (photo).
All of the 10 games are Georgia victories with a couple of ties mixed in while most were played decades ago, thus, one of the reasons they are "obscure." I'll post the first game at some point next week.

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